I want to have a elevator, what's the price ?

Elevators are fixed and do not have a specific price. It depends on the characteristics of the building and the elevator. Pricing can be made after a new design according to the features such as the capacity, speed, door type, etc. of the class elevator of the building and pricing according to this design.

QUESTION. What should I leave in the elevator shaft in my project ?

You can reach the space dimensions of the elevator to be made from the dimensions section of our page.

QUESTION. How can I determine the number and characteristics of elevators that will determine the exact need of my building ?

During your project, it is necessary to make Elevator Traffic Account in accordance with the usage area and number of floors of your building. Once an Elevator Project has been drawn up in accordance with the Elevator Traffic Account, this process will become clear. Preliminary projects must be drawn by elevator companies or Electrical and Mechanical Project offices by an engineer with SMM certificate authorized for elevator.

QUESTION. What should be the height of the DomeConcrete in the Elevator Engine Room ?

The height of the concrete from the engine room floor is not standard. The correct reference here is not the machine room floor. It must be 3700 mm from the ground level of the last floor where the elevator will exit. Therefore, it may vary according to the height of your project. This distance may vary for elevators of different speed and capacity. You can always find the right dimension in the dimensions section of our page.

QUESTION. What should be the Shaft Depth of the Elevator ?

Elevator Well bottom depth should not be less than 1400 mm in accordance with the standard. You can reach this measurement which varies according to speed and capacity in the dimensions section of our page. In home-type elevators, solutions can be produced even with 200 mm thanks to special systems, but you must contact with our company for these special solutions.

QUESTION. At what stage of the construction should we agree with the elevator company ?

KabAfter the rough construction is finished, it will be the right time to make a deal with the elevator company while the plaster starts. Plastering and coating works of the elevator door edges in the shelters will not work unless installation is done and the flow of your works will be slowed down.

QUESTION.How many months will the installation of the elevator be completed after the agreement ?

The completion of the elevator is approximately 3 months according to our contract period. The manufacturing and supply process in our factory is rather more than assembly of the elevator in construction. However, we should not forget that the end of the elevator is directly proportional to the end of the building.

The installation of the elevator cannot be completed unless the door edge modifications and the coverings of the shelves are made. As the elevator company, we are the latest team from your building. The final adjustment and cleaning of the elevator is also performed while fine cleaning is performed.

QUESTION. When does the warranty period start ?

After the installation of the elevator is completed and the license is taken, the warranty period starts when the elevator is given to the service. The time between obtaining a license and giving it to the service can be a long time. During this period, the elevator is not operated. When the building management is formed and the “Maintenance Contract” is signed, after the final cleaning and adjustments are made, the building management starts the warranty period from the moment the elevator is delivered to the end users.

QUESTION.Is it possible to operate the elevator with building site electricity ?

Yes it is possible but it is risky. All failures that occur during use with the building site electricity are covered by the warranty and are the responsibility of the person who keeps them open for use. Legally, the operation of the lift is prohibited without connecting electricity from Turkey Electricity Authority in Turkey.

QUESTION. What is the workflow plan of the elevator installation?

After the agreement is made, the projects are drawn after taking the relay and rail door installation is done in the first stage. If the engine room construction works are completed, the engine and motor assembly can also be done. After the completion of these operations, the installation is suspended for the construction and renovation works. After finishing the door side renovations and floor coverings, we continue the cab table installation and operations which we call fine works.

QUESTION.What is the elevator periodic control / inspection?

Pursuant to the Elevator Operation, Maintenance and Periodic Control Regulationpublished on June 24, 2015, two years after the elevator is put into service, it is the controls that should be carried out at least once a year. The purpose of the Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation is to ensure that the elevators used for the carriage of people and / or cargoes are used in a manner that does not threaten the health and safety of the environment, people and living things after they are put into service; operating, maintenance and annual controls.

QUESTION. How do I get periodic inspection of my elevators?

You can do periodic control / inspection of your elevators by applying to type-A inspection institution authorized by your municipality.

QUESTION. What is the legislation for elevators?

The elevator requirement is determined according to the minimum conditions in the structures specified in the Zoning Law and the Planned Areas Type Zoning Regulation. It is designed in accordance with the Communiqué on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Design of Elevators. The preparation of elevator legislation in our country is carried out by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Elevators are placed on the market according to 2014/33 / EU Elevator Regulation. The product (elevator) is manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards (TS EN 81 Series). Manufactured elevators are operated in accordance with the Lift Operation, Maintenance and Periodic Control Regulation.