When you buy an elevator, you buy an organization where you will have long relations and friendships. Therefore, after-sales service is one of the most important parts of our business. Since we are engaged in a business that will affect human life, we undertake the maintenance and responsibility of every elevator we manufacture and assemble within the framework of the contracts signed with the customer.

Nitelikli Teknikerler?


The elevators and escalators that we have completed the service and maintenance are always ready to use at an average rate of 99%.

Hızlı Servis

FAST SERVICEEvery time you need it

Our service and support teams are ready to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Bilgi Verme

GIVING INFORMATIONWe give you information

Elevators and escalators status, maintenance programs and we provide information about the work done.

How do we serve you?

İProfessional service whenever you need it, customized maintenance plan, expert assistance from qualified technicians, preventive maintenance, equipment status checks..


Would you like to receive a maintanence offer?

Get fast technical service and support from our qualified technicians with 99% success rate.